Is Bingo Raider a Scam?

What to Know About Bingo Raider

I have spent countless hours playing this game, and genuinely find it to be a fun bingo format. What I love about it is that there are way more variables to determine a winner than the traditional bingo app format. There are two kinds of perks to choose from, and both of them can hold 3 bonuses each. So in addition to daubing as fast as possible and choosing efficient patterns, there is quite a lot to determine how far ahead you can get with points.

There is also a league that you can earn bonus cash with, as well as prize wheels, scratch cards, and ad games that will get you free bonus cash.

The animations are snappy and clearly programmed with skill, and the game feedback is rewarding.

So if this is such a fun game, why is everyone calling it a scam?

Can I Make Money Playing Bingo Raider?

The first red flag for me was when I realized that tournament winnings are only paid out in half. For example, I won $23.20 in a tournament and expected to see that cash in my account area, only to realize they had literally paid out half of it in bonus cash, and the other in withdrawable cash. That’s a first, as I have withdrawn money from literally every other bingo app out there and winnings are always fully available in cash so long as it was a cash tournament and not a free one. Ok, so how much did $23.20 winnings come out to in withdrawable money? $13.00, and the rest in bonus cash. Yikes!

Can I Withdraw My Winnings From Bingo Raider?

Now, this is only my personal account of things and it is possible that there is merely a tech issue on their end and everything is fine.

I decided to withdraw that $13.00 like I would with any other app. The process is the same – you enter your email, presumably to be paired with a PayPal account, and they send you money. But when I entered my email with Bingo Raider, they said to check it and verify their link in my inbox. I never received an email. I went through the process again, double checking the email, and checking my junk mail. Nothing. I waited two weeks. Still no email, and no tech support to ask about it.

Is It a Scam?

It’s hard not to call this game a scam. I watched half of my winnings being paid out as bonus cash only, and there still to this day has not been a successful way to withdraw my money. I would love for this game to be legit because I genuinely think it’s fun, but unfortunately I’ll have to delete this one.

The verdict? Don’t download Bingo Raider!