Empire Bingo App Review


The Empire Bingo app was built by Empire Games in 2021, and has been growing quickly due to its fun animations, snappy user experience, and bonus structure. What sets it apart from the growing world of bingo apps is that it has a comic book animation feel, and each player gets to choose a profile image from a list of ancient worlds, such as the Mayan and Egyptian eras.

The gameplay is typical of most bingo games, and includes free daubs, golden balls, point multipliers, and even row and column bonus daubs. What I like most about Empire Bingo is that there are loads of tournaments, bonuses, and gifts to keep you interested in addition to the typical games. So let’s get to the details!

How To Get Started

You can play Empire Bingo for free, or head towards the Shop section at the bottom and choose a deposit amount. The lowest deposit is $5 with no bonus, but a $15 deposit gets you a $2 bonus, a $25 deposit gets a $3 bonus, and the $35 deposit adds a $7 bonus!

You can also invite friends and win yourself four thousand gems, which is enough to enter you into a cash round with real prize money.

Cost of Entry, Prizes, and Bonuses

In relation to other bingo apps currently on the market, Empire Bingo is more beginner friendly than other apps, and the cost of entry is basically free with the use of tokens which can be used to enter a cash tournament. To enter the Freeroll tournament with a chance to win a grand prize of $2, you need four thousand gems. That might seem like a lot, but you can accumulate gems throughout the day just by opening the app and collecting an assortment of free gifts. You can also enter the Gems Factory and Practice rounds to win even more gems. It’s not unrealistic to accumulate that 4k gems in just a few days.

Cash games start at $0.8 entry for a 5 person round, $1.8 for a 2 person round, and there are games with as much as a $4.7 entry fee and $11.80 grand prize!

In addition to the classic game rounds, there is a weekly crown tournament with a $2.3 grand prize, a high score tournament with a top prize of $10, and daily missions with multiple prizes including cash, gems, and prize chests.

Speaking of chests, there are also bonus collections you can work for by winning chests in the classic rounds. Each chest has four gifts that count towards the seasonal collection, and when completed will pay out cash of varying amounts.

Lastly, there are high score rounds where you are told the highest previous score ahead of time and you pay to try and beat it for a chance at a prize pool.

How To Win With Empire Bingo

Empire Bingo uses the “bonus stacking” method, which means that as you play the game your free daubs and 2x multiplier all stack on top of each other. Each square that you daub on the board fills half of a bonus, and there are three layers. That means that it takes about 6 daubs to fill all of them to the top. This is quite generous, and gives you some time to daub numbers before you need to worry about unloading some of your bonuses.

Here are some generic tips that apply to most bingo apps, but it’s adding here. For starters, you do want to daub as fast as possible because your bonuses will add up quicker. Even being 10% slower could result in one or two fewer bonuses, which is potentially game changing.

To capitalize on the 2x multiplier, make sure you don’t hit BINGO until the last 10 seconds of the game, which is also a good time to use your 2x. Using it prematurely means that other potential bingo’s will not benefit from the multiplier.

So what’s the secret to winning specifically with Empire Bingo? Well, there is one thing you should remember with this game, which is that the free daub and golden ball bonuses don’t fulfill any potential ball numbers that are yet to be called. In other words, if you use a golden ball on the board, that number could still come up and now you’ve filled a spot that would have been called anyway. Is there a way around this? Yes, by holding off as long as possible before using any free daubs and golden balls, but that will only get you midway into the game. The other way to let everything fill up and start memorizing everything that is called without daubing the numbers, then with 10 or so seconds left, daub all of those memorized numbers in conjunction with your bonuses.

Getting Paid

First of all, I can confirm that yes you can get paid! At the time of writing this I have cashed out about 5 times so far, and usually see the money in about two weeks. There are options to use a credit card for withdrawal, but I recommend going with PayPal as it seems to be best for International players such as myself.

Just keep in mind that, like most Bingo apps, you do forfeit your bonus cash when you withdraw, so wait until you have a decent amount of non-bonus cash money before you submit a withdrawal request.

Pros and Cons

This game has a lot going for it, and I love the numerous options to make bonus cash in addition to the classic rounds. It’s great to see one on one matches as well as games with many players. The gameplay itself is fun and unique, and I find that there are matches suitable to many skill levels.

The only thing this game currently suffers from is that there really aren’t a lot of players, but at the time of this writing it is only about 2 years old, so it’s hard to fault them for that. Not having a lot of players means that sometimes your match is cancelled because of a lack of participants, but you do get your entry fee back.


Definitely check out Empire Bingo if you’re looking for a beginner friendly way to make some extra cash, or even if you’re a seasoned bingo master who wants something fresh. It’s a ton of fun!