Bingo App Reviews

  • Is Bingo Raider a Scam?
    It’s hard not to call this game a scam. I watched half of my winnings being paid out as bonus cash only, and there still to this day has not been a successful way to withdraw my money.
  • Empire Bingo App Review
    Introduction The Empire Bingo app was built by Empire Games in 2021, and has been growing quickly due to its fun animations, snappy user experience, and bonus structure. What sets it apart from the growing world of bingo apps is that it has a comic book animation feel, and each player gets to choose a … Read more
  • 3 Cash Paying Bingo Apps You Haven’t Heard Of
    Bingo Apps That Are Under Your Radar If you’ve been playing online bingo for a while then you’ve probably heard of the popular apps like Bingo Cash, Blackout Bingo, and Bingo Raider. These games are packed with players and highly competitive, which is great if you want your score instantly and enjoy a good challenge. … Read more