11 Cash Paying Bingo Apps You Can Play For Free

How To Make Money Playing Bingo Apps For Free

So you want to play online multiplayer bingo for cash prizes, but you aren’t ready to deposit your own money into the game? Well you’re in luck, there are plenty of apps out there that have a way for you to enter bingo tournaments that pay out actual money, at no cost other than your time.

The most typical ways you can get into real tournaments are:

  • playing for tokens, which eventually can be used to enter cash games
  • watching ads that qualify you for entry into cash tournaments
  • daily rewards that may include bonus cash and/or tokens
  • inviting friends
  • promo code

The apps I will be discussing have at least one of the above features, while some of them share all of these free methods. Read on to find the ultimate cash paying bingo app, for free!

Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash might be one of the most popular bingo apps on the market today. It has loads perks and bonuses to play for, games that range from $5 to $89 in cash payouts, and of course, free entry.

There are three ways to play Bingo Cash for free:

  • playing for tokens
  • daily rewards
  • inviting friends
  • promo code

Token games start at 20 “gems” per entry, with first place winning 60 gems. To get into a tournament with cash prizes, you will need 1.2 thousand gems for a chance to win up to $4 in cash. It might take you a while, but once you starting winning cash, you can start entering other cash tournaments and work your way up.

Another way to play for free is to invite friends for $1 in bonus cash for each person that signs up!

And of course, make sure you enter a promo code for another $1 in bonus cash. You can use this bingo cash promo code here: 5KM2DD

Bingo Arena

Bingo Arena offers four ways to play for cash, making it a great choice if you’re looking to play for free.

You can watch a 2 minute ad for a chance to play in a tournament offering $0.30 for 1st place, $0.20 for 2nd, and $0.10 for 3rd.

What’s unique about Bingo Arena is there is a daily “Arena Brawl” where players have two chances to enter, after watching an ad. First place wins $5, with the lowest cash prize being $0.10.

You can also play for tokens which are free games, and once per day there is a single entry tournament that only costs 10 tokens, with $1 in prizes.

And of course, don’t forget to invite your friends for cash rewards. Use this Bingo Arena promo code if you don’t have one: EDAPHAZ

Bingo Raider

Bingo Raider is a super fun game with a formula you won’t find anywhere else. During the game there are two bonus areas that you can charge with daubs, or switch to the next layer. It gives players a greater degree of strategy and more control.

To play for free you will need to watch ads, which can either get you straight up bonus cash, or get you into a tournament that pays out $0.30 to the 1st place finisher.

There are also daily rewards, with the biggest one being $1 in bonus cash!

If you just want to practice and play for tokens, there are three categories of token games, but you can’t use them to get into any of the cash tournaments.

Blitz Win Cash Bingo

Blitz Win Cash Bingo offers three ways to make money for free. Daily gifts can pay out as much as $0.30 once per week, and you can play free token games for a chance to get into a cash tournament.

You’re limited to one tournament with a 50 token fee that pays out 100 tokens for 1st, 70 for 2nd, and 30 for 3rd. Only one cash tournament will accept tokens to get in, which will set you back 1000 tokens for a chance to win up to $1 for 1st place. Once you’ve got some cash your options are quite vast though, with tournaments offering as much as a $50 prize pool at the top level.

Invite your friends to make even more free money. Use this promo code for your first cash entry: E53fl

Bingo Stars

Bingo Stars does not offer cash tournaments in all countries, including Canada, so make sure you are eligible for entry before you spend too much time here.

It does offer big cash tournaments after watching ads, and it has daily rewards plus a promo code.

The daily ad-based tournament pays a grand prize of $2.5, as well as smaller prizes for runner ups. In addition to the daily arena, there is a smaller ad-based game with a $0.60 tournament payout.

There are also free token games that you can play for cash, with the winner getting a $2 payout!

Invite your friends and get $5 for every one that joins! Use this Bingo Stars promo code for free cash: CAV28N

Bingo For Cash

Bingo For Cash is another super unique gameplay experience that differs from other bingo apps. It has the usual free daub and point multipliers, but it’s more momentum based and focused on achieving a time bonus than other apps.

There is a single entry ad-based tournament with a grand prize of $5 that you can play one time, and a daily ad tournament with $0.60 in total bonus cash money.

You can also play free token tournaments with as low as 10 tokens for entry fee, and by working your way up you can eventually qualify for the $7 prize pool tournament with a 600 token entry fee. Don’t worry, there are also daily token rewards that will help you get to this level, so it doesn’t take as long as you think.

Plus, there are weekly bonuses that your winnings will qualify you for, and they can yield even more prizes in addition to tournaments.

Bingo For Cash has huge payouts once you’ve worked your way up, with the top tournament paying out a whopping $240 for 1st place!

Invite your friends for $1 each, and for your first promo code use: ICOMGKWPFC

Bingo Tour

Bingo Tour offers a couple of ways to play cash games for free. If you don’t mind watching ads, you can play for free in a tournament with a $0.60 prize pool, watch an ad to play the “lucky wheel” for a chance at a couple free cents. You also get a free spin on the lucky wheel every 4 hours, so check back often to to earn up to $0.50 in bonus cash.

There are token based games as well, starting at 20 entry for a chance at 100 gems for 1st place, 50 for 2nd, and 30 for 3rd. These gems can eventually get you into two cash paying tournaments. The lower entry one costs 600 gems and has a $3 prize pool, and the higher entry tournament will set you back 1200 gems for a $7 prize pool!

Bingo Tour doesn’t offer the massive payout prize pools that other apps do, but the top tier will cost you $4.99 for a chance to win up to $18 for 1st place.

You can invite people for free cash, but it only gets you into a game called the Cash Miner, which has variable levels of prizes. For your first free dollars, use this Bingo Tour promo code: oxncuu6

Bingo Bling

Bingo Bling offers hourly and daily prizes, loads of bonus offers, and a top tier tournament with over $100 in prize money!

There are no ad-based cash tournaments, but you can get into games that pay bonus cash by earning tokens and using them to get in. The minimum entry fee is steep, requiring 3000 gems for a chance at the $4.5 prize pool. The gem only tournament is 100 entry with a 250 gem 1st place, so it might take a little while to get into the first money paying tournament.

The great thing about Bingo Bling is it pays $10 in bonus cash for each friend you invite (up to 20 max), plus they will get $5 for accepting your invite. To get your own $5 for free use this Bingo Bling promo code: 879c14n

Bingo King

Bingo King offers three ways to get into cash prize games without paying a dime, which is good because they have plenty of cash entry tournaments to choose from once you have a little bit accumulated.

The first way to get free bonus dollars is to check the daily rewards section, which usually pays you in tokens, plus $0.30 per week total. Use these free tokens to play in the gems only tournament, and once you have 120 saved up are qualified to play for $7 tournament (plus free crowns that get you more rewards).

If you don’t mind sitting through some ads, you can also hit up the rewards wheel for more gems and cents, or watch an ad for straight up token rewards.

And of course, don’t forget to invite your friends for $8 per sign up, and use this promo code for your own free cash: EAFCJWBD

World Winners Bingo

In my opinion World Winners Bingo has the best daily reward section of them all. First off, you get a daily rewards points offer that resets weekly. Then, you get to spin the rewards wheel which actually has some generous prizes, ranging from $1 to $5, or a nice bag of points. Their point redemption system is great, which gives you the option of 6 different bonus bucks offerings. 1000 points gets you $1, 3500 gets $5, and the grand offering is 108,000 rewarding $200! The longer you build up your points without redeeming them, the better the point to bonus buck ratio becomes.

The downside here is there are no games that allow you to use tokens or points to play directly for cash tournaments, and the free games don’t reward anything at all.

World Winnings Bingo has plenty of tournaments to choose from, ranging from $0.88 entry to $35 and a $300 prize pool.

There is no invite bonus or promo code at the time of this writing, but download the app and head straight to the rewards wheel and you will be playing cash games instantly!

Bingo Money

Bingo Money is more an honourable mention in this list of apps, as there really is only one way to get into tournaments for free, and that is with the daily roulette wheel which yields gem tokens and very small cash rewards. The actual tournaments are nice, and I like that there are 1 on 1 games as wheels as the typical 4+ person games.

As mentioned above, you can win tokens and play token tournaments, but there is no option for cash prize games with a token entry.

There also doesn’t seem to be an option for friend invite bonuses, so you will have to rely on the roulette wheel if you want to play cash games for free.


As we have learned, there are plenty of ways to earn prize money without even touching your bank account. This is great for people who don’t like the idea of risking banking security or don’t like the idea of gambling. With the apps discussed above, the only thing you are spending is your time.

Just remember that winnings are never guaranteed, and if you’re serious about making free money playing bingo apps, you’re going to want to heavily invest in your skills.

That’s all for now! Enjoy!